Main axis of My work concept is “Tranquility, Nature, Transition”
That’s because what I want to explore is “What makes human being human” , and I think that they are the necessary elements to explore.

My adolescence was a period of significant change from the analog society to the digital society.
And now, with the development of technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence, I think that the issue of “What makes human being human” is a very important question.

When you face my work you can experience the fact that you can get rid of the meaning and name of the thing and face itself.
It is because I think that facing pure oneself is an important attitude to face the question “What is what makes humans human.”

Some part of my works never keep their own shape.
It is a phenomenal thing that will disappear in a few minutes. It may be similar to performance, project, or expression like cuisine.
And many of them can be made by anyone except me.
The fact that the work can always be reproduced by others’ hands without being involved by myself means that it is itself a universal and immutable phenomenon.
I think that it is very important to see immutable and universal things in finding out what is necessary to keep humans as human beings.

“Tranquility, nature, transition” is a necessary element to do that experience and is the attitude necessary to find out it possibilities.
My work is a trace of the quest to find them.

Mariko Suzuki June